Yvonne James

Doctoral Students
  • Email Address:
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Programme:
    Doctor of Philosophy, Institute of Feminist and Gender Studies (2015-present)
  • Project Title:
    The impact of free-standing birth centres on the career trajectory of birth centre aides in Canada: A multi-sited case study.
  • Co-Supervisor:
    Dr Audrey Giles
  • Project Description:
    Free standing birth centres (FSBCs) have recently become a new option for midwives and their clients in the provinces of Ontario and Manitoba, having been a part of regulated midwifery in Quebec since its (re)introduction. FSBCs also represent a unique set of work arrangements. Not only are they midwifery-led, they also involve new cadres of health workers – birth centre aides. As part of a pre-existing research team, Yvonne’s project will consider the impact of provincially funded, free standing, midwifery led birth centres in Canada in increasing midwifery’s capacity to deliver high quality, evidence-based maternity care. This research will also study how birth centre aides been developed and implemented as a new health human resource in birth centres.
Founder & Personal Trainer

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