Maisam Najafizada

Doctoral Students
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  • Programme:
    Doctoral Programme in Population Health, University of Ottawa (2011-2016)
  • Project Title:
    The Organization of Maternity Care in Afghanistan.
  • Project Description:
    It is an evaluation of the Basic Package of Health Services in Afghanistan, in which CHWs are used to provide primary health care services including maternal services.
  • Where you are now:
    I graduated in 2016 and has since then started an academic position as an assistant professor.
Founder & Personal Trainer

Publications & Presentations: Selected Publications

  • Najafizada, S.A.M., Cohen, M. (2017). Community-entrepreneurship tackling poverty in Bamyan Province, Afghanistan. World Development Perspective. 5. 24-26
  • Najafizada, S.A.M., Labonte, R., Bourgeault, I.L. (2017). Stakeholder’s perspective: Sustainability of a community health worker program in Afghanistan. Evaluation and Program Planning. 60. 123-129
  • Cohen, D., … Najafizada, S.A.M. (2016). Canada’s International Health System Performance Over 50 Years. Canadian Institute for Health Information. Available at
  • Najafizada, et al. (2015). The role of Community Health Workers in Canada and some other HICS: a scoping review. Canadian Journal of Public Health, 106(3), e157-e164 doi: 10.17269/CJPH.106.4747
  • Azimi, M. D., Najafizada S.A.M, Khaing, I.K., Hamajima, N. (2015) Factors Influencing Non-institutional Deliveries in Afghanistan: Secondary Analysis of the Afghanistan Mortality Survey 2010. Nagoya Journal of medical Science. 77, 133-43
  • Najafizada, S.A.M., Labonte, R., Bourgeault. I. L. (2014) Community health workers of Afghanistan: a qualitative study of a national program. Conflict and Health,8:26 doi:10.1186/1752-1505-8-26

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