Birama Apho Ly

Doctoral Students
Founder & Personal Trainer

 Publications & Presentations:

  • Djossa Adoun MAS, Gagnon MP, Godin G, Tremblay N, Njoya MM, Ratté S, Gagnon H, Côté J, Miranda J, Ly BA. Information and communication technologies for promoting sexual and reproductive health and preventing HIV infection in adolescents and young adults (Protocol). Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews 2011, Issue 2..
  • Gagnon M.P., Paré G., Pollender H., Duplantie J., Côté J., Fortin J.P.,
    Labadie R., Duplàa E., Thifault M.C., Courcy F., McGinn C.A., LY B.A., and Malo F.B. Supporting work practices through telehealth: Impact on nurses on peripheral regions. BMC Health Services Research. 2011;11 (27) 9.
  • Gagnon M.P., Pollender H., Trépanier A., Duplàa E., and LY B.A.
    Supporting health professionals through information and communication
    technologies: a systematic review of the effects of ICT on recruitment and retention. Telemedicine and e-health. 2011; 17 (4) 269-274.

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