Marie - Aimee Chiasson

Undergraduate Students
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  • Project Title:
    The effects and the evolution of labeling in Complementary and Alternative Medicine
  • Research Projects:
    4th year project (HSS 4901), Health Sciences Programme, University of Ottawa
  • Where are you now?:
    Completed an Honours Bachelor in Health Sciences
Founder & Personal Trainer

Project Description

This paper examines the evolution of alternative, complementary, and alternative care as well as the implication of their definition on health care approaches. In the first part I looked at how these labels shift from time to time and what the implications are for the patients, physicians, and for the health care system. In the second part, I explored the fluidity of certain modalities among different medical domains by presenting three case studies; guided imagery for cancer patients, acupuncture for people who suffer from chronic pain, and the Zamboni procedure for treating multiple sclerosis

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