Dr. Mary Bartram

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    Supporting the application of an SGBA lens in support of psychologically healthy workplaces: Employee Assistance Program stream
  • Project description:
    Both mental health and gender issues in the workplace are currently in the spotlight in Canada as well as internationally. Accordingly, it is a priority for Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) to systematically consider sex and gender (as well as intersecting identities such as age, sexual orientation, and ethnicity) in policies, procedures and services. Using a process map of Health Canada’s EAP as a guide for a focused literature search, this study identified priorities for action in four cross-cutting areas: 1) targeted outreach to groups with low rates of help-seeking and/or high rates of mental health problems, such as men and LGBTQ individuals; 2) capacity development and training to ensure that the EAP workforce has the knowledge and skills to provide sensitive, safe, and effective counselling to diverse clients; 3) digital EAP services to meet service delivery preferences beyond face-to-face counselling; and 4) performance and quality improvement of both the EAP process and equity in the distribution of EAP outcomes.
Founder & Personal Trainer

Publications and Presentations

  • Bartram, M. and Containt, A. (2019). Applying Gender-Based Analysis Plus to Employee Assistance Programs: A Canadian perspective. Presentation and workshop, Employee Assistance Professionals Association Conference, St. Louis, Missouri.
  • Bartram, M., Atanackovic, J., Runnels, V., Bourgeault, I.-L., Fournier, C., Kovacina, N., Contant, A., MacDonald, L., Porteous, N., & Renaud, A. (2020, in press). Applying Gender-Based Analysis Plus to Employee Assistance Programs: A Canadian perspective. Journal of Workplace Behavioral Health.
  • Runnels, V., Atanackovic, J., Bartram, M., & Bourgeault, I.-L. (2019). Applying a Sex/Gender-Based Analysis in support of psychologically healthy workplace policy. Presentation, Canadian Association for Health Services and Policy Research Annual Conference, Halifax, Nova Scotia.

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