Gender Equity Research


Selected Presentations:

  • Bourgeault, I.L., Lundine, J. Empowering Women Leaders Toolkit, CHLNet/Leads Canada Webinar Series, March 31, 2020

  • Bourgeault, I.L. (2020) Empowering Women Leaders in Health, A special event for International Women's Day, The Royal, March 5, 2020

  • Bourgeault, I.L. Lawford, K. & Lundine, J. (2019) Empowering Women in Public Health, Health Sciences & Indigenous Health, Canadian Public Health Assn, Ottawa May.

  • Bourgeault, I.L. (2019). Empowering Women Leaders in Health Initiative. Canadian Association of Paediatric Health Centres, Webinar, February 6.

Key Publications:

  • Bourgeault, I.L., James, Y., Lawford, K., & Lundine, J. (2018) Empowering Women Leaders in Health: A Gap Analysis of the State of Knowledge. Canadian Journal of Physician Leaders, 5(2), 92

  • Lundine, J.,  Bourgeault, I.L., Clark, J., Heidari, S., & Balabanova, D. (2018) The gendered system of academic publishing. The Lancet. Volume 391, No. 10132, p1754–1756, 5 May.



Supporting an SGBA lens on psychologically healthy workplaces, CIHR Health Policy Partnership, 2017-2020

Selected Presentations:

  • Bourgeault, I.L., Runnels, V., & Atanackovic, J. (2019). Sex, Gender and Psychological Health and Safety, Canadian Public Health Assn., Ottawa, May
  • Bourgeault, I.L. Application of Sex and Gender Lens in Support of Psychologically Healthy Workplaces, Health Canada, October 24, 2018.

Key Publications: 

  • Bartram, M., Atanackovic, J., Runnels, V., Bourgeault, I.-L., Fournier, C., Kovacina, N., Contant, A., MacDonald, L., Porteous, N., & Renaud, A. (2020, in press).
    Applying Gender-Based Analysis Plus to employee assistance programs: A Canadian perspective. Journal of Workplace Behavioral Health.


Gender, Work and Health Human Resources Chair, CIHR, 2014-2019

On the Move Partnership: Nova Scotia Care Workers On the Move

Selected Presentations: 

  • Bourgeault, I.L. The Future of the Health Workforce: Gender and Technology Considerations. Canadian Association of Health Services and Policy Research, Semi Plenary Session, Montreal, May 29, 2018
  • Bourgeault, I.L., Jackson, L., Kruisselbrink, A., Barber Gardiner, Pauline., Leiter, Michael., Price, Sheri., Nourpanah, Shiva. The often invisible challenges posed by employment-related geographic mobility: A comparative qualitative study of Nova Scotian health workers. Poster presentation to the Canadian Association for Health Services and Policy Research Conference 2016
  • Bourgeault, I.L. Gendering Health Human Resources Research and Policy, Institute of Gender and Health Research Panel, Canadian Association of Health Services and Policy Research Conference, May, 2014.

Key Publications


  • Bourgeault, I.L., & Khokher, P. (2006) Making a better living from caregiving: comparing strategies to improve wages for care providers. Canadian Review of Sociology and Anthropology, 43(4) 407-426.
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