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SSHRC-CRSH - Partnership for Success 2020: Healthy Professional/Knowledge Workers  

Selected Presentations: 

  • Bourgeault, I.L. Psychological Health & Safety of Academic Work, CAUT Forum for Senior Grievance Officers, December 8, 2018.

  • Bourgeault, I.L., (2018) Healthy Professional Knowledge Workers: Examining the Gendered Nature of Mental Health Issues, Leaves of Absence and Return to Work Experiences from a Comparative Perspective. International Sociology Association Congress, Toronto, July. 

Key Publications:

  • In progress


Selected Presentations: 

  • Bourgeault, I.L. The Impact of Changes in Scopes of Practice in Canada, OECD Workshop on Skills Mix and Scopes of Practice, Paris, June, 2016.
  • Bourgeault, I.L. Team-Based Models of Care: Impact on Patients, Providers & Health Systems. FPT Committee on Health Workforce Workshop on Team-Based Models of Care, Ottawa, Feb., 2015

Key Presentations

  • Bourgeault, I.L. (2018) Skill-mix reforms in primary and chronic care settings in Canada in Matthias Wismar, Irene A. Glinos and Anna Sagan (Eds.), Patients, peers, professionals: Skill-mix innovations and developments in primary and chronic care settings. World Health Organization, European Office.
  • Bourgeault, I.L. & Merritt, K. (2015) Deploying Health Human Resources: Scopes of Practice, Skill-Mix and Shifting Tasks in the Provision of Health Care. In Kuhlmann, E., Blank, R.H., Bourgeault, I.L. & Wendt, C. The Palgrave International Handbook of Healthcare Policy and Governance: Palgrave.

Selected Presentations:

  • Bourgeault, I.L., Demers, C., Chamberland, C., & Simkin, S. (2017) Core Competencies of the Human Resources for Health Field: Mapping Skills in Policy, Planning and Management. Fourth Global Forum on Human Resources for Health, Dublin, Ireland.
  • Bourgeault, I.L. Can We Learn from Other Countries? Can Other Countries Learn from Us? Centre for Health Services and Policy Research Annual Conference, Vancouver April, 2016
  • Runnels, V., Atanackovic, J & Bourgeault, I.L. (2014) A tool for analyzing and planning for sex/gender in research on the international migration of health workers, Ottawa, October 21-22
  • Bourgeault, I.L. The case for a Pan Canadian HHR Agency, Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada HRH Conference, Ottawa, Dec. 8, 2014

Key Publications: 


  • Best, A., Berland, A., Greenhalgh, T., Bourgeault, I.L., Saul, J., & Barker, B. (2018) Networks as systems: A case study of the World Health Organisation’s Global Health Workforce Alliance. Journal of Health Organization and Management, 32, 1, 9-24.

  • Hedden, L., Barer, M., McGrail, K., Law, M., & Bourgeault, I.L. (2017). Is increasing physician supply the key to solving access/provision challenges? A cautionary tale from British Columbia. Health Affairs, 36(11).

  • Bourgeault, I., Benoit, C., & Hirschkorn, K. (2009) Comparative perspectives on professional groups: Current issues and critical debates. Current Sociology, 57(4) 475-485.

  • Bourgeault, I., & Mulvale, G. (2006) Collaborative health care teams in Canada and the U.S.: Confronting the structural embeddedness of medical dominance. Special Issue of Health Sociology Review on Medical Dominance (invited). 15(5) December, 481-495.

  • Bourgeault, I.L., Luce, J., & MacDonald, M. (2006) The caring dilemma in midwifery: balancing the needs of midwives and clients in a continuity of care model of practice. Community, Work and Family. 9(4), 389-406.

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