Midwifery & Maternity Care Research


Is Close Proximity To Emergency Obstetrical Services A Prerequisite For Safety? CIHR, 2012-13

An Interdisciplinary, Multifaceted Intervention to Reduce Caesarean Section Rates in a Low Risk Population: A Process and Outcome Evaluation, CIHR, 2012-2013

Selected Presentations:

  • Bourgeault, I.L., Cecilia Benoit, Gene Declercq, Jane Sandall, Edwin van Teijlingen (2017). Centralization of Birth Settings: Worrying Developments Affecting the Role of Midwives in the Social Organization of Maternity Care, Symposium presentation, 31st ICM Triennial Congress, Toronto, Canada, June 18 – 22.

  • Bourgeault, I.L. You can’t just be a little bit pregnant: A system’s view of midwifery policy and practice in Canada. Graduate School of Public Policy, Regina Oct. 15, 2014. 

Key Publications:

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