Ugochi Udonsi

Master's Students
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    Male Immigrant's Healthcare Access and Utilization in Canada: A Review of COVID 19 Effect on Farm and Meat Parking Workers using an Intersectionality of Social Determinants of health, Migration and Masculinity.
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    Emerging data from the COVID-19 pandemic has revealed a preponderance of male susceptibility to being infected and poorer health outcomes including a higher death rate, and this was notable for certain groups of men. In this paper, I examine the effect of COVID 19 pandemic on male migrant workers employed in farms and meat packing plants in Canada. I draw upon the intersection of migration, social determinant of health and masculinity theory. Using and extended literature review method, I review how these theories explain the reason for the breakdown of migrant health post migration. The data reveal that male migrants were worse hit by the effects of the pandemic compared to non-immigrants and female migrants. I demonstrate how the pandemic enables a specific lens on issues of healthcare access and utilization, systemic racialization treatment of migrants in Canada. Indeed, there are multiple layers embedded in migrant’s health deterioration that made them vulnerable to COVID 19 pandemic. Additionally, the paper shows how the health deterioration, migration status and systemic racism contributed to their vulnerability to the pandemic.
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